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Design the Perfect Gathering Space for the Holidays
21 Nov 2019

With Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations just around the corner, the best way to begin organizing for the event is by starting with the furniture layout. So let’s get creative and think about crowd flow will be around the house. We’ve compiled a simple guide to follow that works for every living room in the house. If […]

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Tips on how to make a small space seem bigger
21 Oct 2019

If it is an option, always enlarge your windows and openings; when possible try to add your balcony, small terrace, even side garden into your interiors by using folding glass and designing the indoor and the outdoor together (same ceiling, etc). Always use a lot of very light colours In key areas place a large […]

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Mother’s Day Self-loving Baskets
14 Mar 2019

Remember that time your sister had to cancel plans because she had to take her kids to training? Do you also remember when you walked in to the kitchen to find your grandmother sent in your favorite meal?  Or the endless times your mother had to wake up at dawn just to prepare breakfast for […]

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Creating a Space to Gather Beyond the Thanksgiving Table
22 Nov 2018

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year, we’re creating various dining room settings for you to host and give your guests something to enjoy long after the plates are cleared! Since Thanksgiving Day is all about giving and relaxing, we’re here to help you decorate your tablescape and bring inspirations to you and your loved ones. For […]

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5 simple ways to refresh your summer home
27 Dec 2017

we’ve gathered just the pieces you need to make it happen.

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