Mother’s Day Self-loving Baskets

14 Mar 2019

Remember that time your sister had to cancel plans because she had to take her kids to training? Do you also remember when you walked in to the kitchen to find your grandmother sent in your favorite meal?  Or the endless times your mother had to wake up at dawn just to prepare breakfast for you. Even now, going to your in-laws family gatherings, you’ll find your mother-in-law making sure everyone is over fed and tried all the different dishes she’s cooked for that day.

Well we’re here to celebrate all types of mothers, grandmothers, sisters and mothers-in-law!  We’ve curated 4 various Mother’s Day Baskets for each type of personality, to suit the different mothers out there. Each basket speaks to what this mother would enjoy most.

The morning bloomer mother we helped her with Breakfast in Bed by having a basket of a marble serving tray, a set of espresso cup and try, and an organic homemade jar of Kay’s jam.

Of course we we’ve also got the pampering Spa Time and complimented her with  2 beautifully scented Roshan candles, a marble towel tray, and a set of two of Natures towels.

Now for the Tea Lover mother we have a basket that contains a marble serving tray, a tea set that contains 2 cups, saucer, sugar jar and the pot, and House of Cocoa pretzels covered with chocolate.

As for the Caffeine Lover we set the mood for them by having a basket with the coffee set which contains 4 cups and their plates, coasters and House of Cocoa pretzels covered with chocolate.


You can shop online or visit your nearest showroom in Zamalek, Heliopolis, or Downtown Mall.

Even better surprise her, and have it delivered to her doorstep!