5 simple ways to refresh your summer home

27 Dec 2017

Here’s a blog on 5 simple ways to refresh your summer home;

It’s that time of year to getaway and recharge. Here are some quick & easy tips to recharge your summer home too!

1.Pile on the cushions! 


One of the easiest ways to revamp your home is with a new piling up of cushions. Whether you mix it up in a bohemian fashion or use defined color palettes and symmetrical arrangements, cushions can transform your space and create a cozy and personal environment.  To add depth, select at least 2 different sizes and designs of cushions with ideally a minimum of 3-5 cushions.


2. Maximize the color: pots, accessories, cushions, and anything color!


Summer is a time to regenerate and recharge, and a burst of color is sure way to provide the environment for daily inspiration.  Here are a couple of our favorite summer color combinations:


  • Color burst – Nothing expresses playfulness than mixing colors across the color spectrum – we love a space with a combination of happy hues of yellows, blues, reds, greens, and pinks. Layer up colorful cushions, rugs, accents, and pots against neutral foundations such as shades of white or taupe to achieve a room which is both invigorating and stylish.


  • Seaside Color Palettes – Drawing on nature as your inspiration, create a beach vibe with a spectrum of blues, whites, and other seaside colors using an array of shades to add depth and balance to your space. Play up the color in your accessories, layering it up with rug, accent chairs, cushions and decorative accents.



3. Liven up your walls with art – Artwork adds life like nothing else and luckily it comes in all shapes, sizes and prices. There’s no need to break your budget to achieve the creativity you want in your space. Our summer picks include photography art and framed original prints and wallpapers.


Some of our favorites are photography art by Karim Hayawan.

4. Define your zones with kilims

Not only can kilims zone a space and add a pop of color, these rugs add a sense of connection to our local environment. Kilim weaving is an indigenous craft to Egypt with great efforts by several talented companies to revive the craft while adding a modern twist.

Rugs can anchor a room and help tie all the pieces together. With their dynamic patterns and bright colors, kilims make a great complement to modern interiors, adding a cheerful hue and texture to the space. Originating in our part of the world, and adding a sense of connection to our local environment, kilims are an easy favorite for summer homes. They can be used alone or layered in different arrangements to add a little more artfulness to the room.

5. Add textured accents  – layer your summer home with a variety of textures

Playing with texture is important to add visual interest through the play of contrasting materials. Layer in wood, stone, marble, wood, wool, fabric and as many textures as you can to create a space that tells a story