Terms & Conditions

If you buy with us in-store or shop online, these General Terms and Conditions will apply

  • All images shown on our website are for reference only, wood and fabric samples should be approved at the time of order confirmation.
  • Fabrics provided by the client must be properly wrapped around a roll and labeled with the exact requested quantities upon receipt. Our clients must provide their out-sourced fabrics within 1 week from making their order’s down-payment.
  • If delivery delays past the preset delivery dates are requested by the client, additional storage fees are billed to the client monthly as follows:

–       1% of the total order amount for the first month.
–       3% of the total order amount for every consecutive month.

  • Materials such as marble, granite, wood, etc. – are natural materials and being natural materials, they would be subject to variations in tone, grain, texture, color and other aesthetic features, which are beyond our control in the manufacturing process.