Living Room

Curvy Sofa



With its high curved back and sleek shape, the Curvy sofa exudes elegance, fitting well in both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Arguably the most important piece of furniture to be chosen in a room, the main focal point in any space. The right choice of sofa can bring the whole room together, it is the one piece that everything else is matched up to. There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect sofa for your space, with the goal to consolidate functionality, comfort and style.

Given that most of the time we spend at home is spent in the living room, it is crucial to pick a sofa that will complement your decorating scheme. Traditional or modern, your space cannot be adequately styled without the sofa to match. Go for the sofa that will subtly blend in with its surroundings, with regards to shape, size and material.

Pick a size according to the dimensions of the room, the number of people that regularly use the seating as well as your desired furniture layout. It is also necessary to pick a size that will be proportionate to the height of the ceiling. A low-back sofa would be drowned out in a high-ceiling space, while a tall sofa would overwhelm other pieces in a low-ceiling one.

The color of a sofa depends on what you want to achieve with regards to the aesthetic of the sofa. If you want it to be a statement piece in and of itself, go with a bright, bold color. If on the other hand, you want it to assume more of a supportive role, you should go with a neutral or monochromatic color that allows you to play around with the colors of the rest of the furniture and accessories.


2 Seater Curvy Sofa

L160 x D80 x H78 cm

L220 x D80x H78 cm


L269 x D80 x H78 cm