Living Room

Gleem Tray Table


Our Summer 22 Breeze In collection is inspired by the nostalgia of Agami and North coast summering.

Gleem, along with Freska, Amar, Shams, Stanley and Nazli are a family of interchangeable tray tops and metal bases.

Alabaster is a natural material, locally sourced and hand crafted. It has a dreamy, delicate and smooth finish, with the natural and dyed selections evocative of sand and sea.

We named these Gleem after a north coast stretch of beach, also referred to in a popular summer tune by Amr Diab.

It is important for us to highlight that these ancient materials can be used in contemporary design as well as to bring light to the methods and techniques of Egyptian craftsmen.


Interchangeable Khoos Tray Table:

Small: D37 H3.5

Large: D47 H4.5